This Young Hockey Player Breaks Down In Tears During Sweet Locker Room Speech

bberard4 Published April 3, 2018 64 Plays $0.13 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesYouth sports are a wonderful way for kids to learn not just the rules of the game, but what it means to truly be a part of a team.

Former NHL hockey player Bryan Berard was in the locker room when he witnessed a very special moment. His nephew, nine-year-old Brody Berard, is following in his uncle’s footsteps, playing hockey in their hometown of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. With Brody’s help, the Woonsocket North Stars had just defeated their opponents, the Capitals, in the final game of the season. Emotions were running high as the exhausted players sat in the locker room. Brody raised his hand and said he wanted to say a few words. What happens next will bring you to tears! The wise words spoken by this child come as surprising deep sentiments from such a young kid.

“I just want to say that I had a great season with all of you and I just want to say that I love every single one of you like brothers,” Brody says tearfully. As he continues to talk, his voice cracks with emotion. As Brody tells his teammates how much they mean to him, he starts to openly cry. Soon, he’s got his head in his hands and is speaking through barely-contained sobs. It’s clear that he means every word he’s saying about how much he loves his team.

“I love this team. I wish we could stay together. I’m just really happy that we beat the Capitals,” he continues. Then he starts to clap, and the rest of the team joins in. One boy comes over to give Brody a hug, and a man’s voice off-camera encourages everyone to get up and give the boy a much-needed pile-on, too.

“Give him a hug, everybody. That’s what it’s all about, boys.”