"A Cat Gets Stuck In A Christmas Paper Bag"

AFVViralsPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

"Everybody knows that there is something absolutely magical between cats and cardboard boxes. But, did you know that some of the cats equally love paper bags too? LOL! Well, if you doubt that, check out this video and see it for yourself! It shows a cat who somehow managed to get herself into a handle of a Christmas gift paper bag and now she can’t get it off! So, she rolls and rolls on the floor and tries to bite it off, but nope - she is stuck with it! She tries everything she can to get that thing off her, but nothing helps! I could only imagine what she was trying to do in the first place when she ended up with this handle stuck around her stomach! This is definitely one of the silliest cats I’ve seen in a while, and this video just made it to my personal top 5!"

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