Owner's Ridiculous Horse Mask Has Cat Howl With Disapproval

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Published: April 3, 2018

What can scare a cat? Well, first of all, definitely a dog, especially if she didn’t grow up with him. Then, probably a snake. We sure know how cat owners pranked their feline companions by placing an innocent-looking cucumber behind their back, causing the cats to go postal. The list has a few more items on it, giving explanation to the phrase “scaredy cat”. But now we can add a new item to the list of things that can set off a cat - a horse mask.

The horse mask with its mouth wide open became a thing in 2003, when a novelty purveyor created a Halloween costume on the subject. But the millenials wouldn’t be the category they are if they didn’t take the head of this unusual costume to make all sorts of mischief around town. One of them being scaring the fur out of their pets.

We said it was ridiculous; let’s ask what Mrs. Whiskers here has to say.

When her owner donned the frightening latex horse head on her own, the cat felt strongly about this new creature and she damn well showed it. Perched up on a bed, the cat drops into a crouch, ears flattened to her head, pupils so wide, the yellow iris is almost completely gone. In a state like this one, you can never know how your feline pet will react, so you better stay at a safe distance. However, with a mask as ridiculous as this one, even if the cat lunges at you, determined to poke the horse’s eyes out, you are probably safe.


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