"Christmas Prank: A Man Opens A Christmas Present, And It’s Full Of 'Party Popper'"

AFVVirals Published April 3, 2018 13 Plays

Rumble "Christmas is one the favorite holidays all over the world, including our country. But, what kind of Christmas would it be without a good Christmas present prank! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore them, and the one in this video is absolutely priceless! Well, check it out and we’ll see what you think of it. This video shows a classic gift opening prank, but with a twist! A man opens a Christmas present in a living room, all very excited what’s inside that pretty big box. Suddenly, several 'Party Popper' party favors shoot pieces of paper out of the present! The man is got by this surprise, jumps back and start to laugh! But, the present is still not opened, so he continues with it, and then even more 'Party Popper' comes out, and everyone starts laughing! Well, isn’t that a great Christmas present prank?! I totally love it and will definitely use it the next Christmas!"