"A Tot Girl Cries Because Hanukkah Is Over"

AFVVirals Published April 3, 2018 109 Plays

Rumble "Hanukkah is one of the most important and joyful holidays in the Jewish calendar, and the children love it! It lasts eight days, and it is also known as the Jewish Festival of Lights. The most significant part of this holiday is the candle lighting. It starts with one candle in the menorah and continues with an additional one every night, up to eight on the eighth night. And after that, Hanukkah is over! But the girl is this video doesn’t like that! She wants more candles and starts to cry when she can't light the menorah anymore because Hanukkah is over. Oh, what a sad news that is! But the situation gets even more dramatic when she learns the fact that she must wait a whole year until the next Hanukkah! I can only hope that she got enough Hanukkah presents this to comfort her while she waits for the next!"