"A Boy Gets Ecstatic About A New Pet Guinea Pig That He Cries"

AFVVirals Published April 3, 2018 1 Plays

Rumble "Christmas is such a great holiday, and everyone loves it! There are so many different things that make this holiday so special, but one of my favorites is the gifts exchange! I can’t even make up my mind what do I like better, to give or to receive presents, just like a boy in this video. It’s so adorable that you don’t want to miss it! This video shows a moment in a family when siblings, a brother, and his baby sister, are exchanging gifts. First, the boy gives his little sister a present and wishes her a Merry Christmas. He is very happy and pleased that she likes what he has picked for her, but then this sweet tot girl starts to talk about a guinea pig and confuses him for a second! And then he realizes that his family has got him a guinea pig! It is something that is absolutely wished for and gets so ecstatic that he starts to cry!"