This Baby Gorilla Has A Real Knack For Rolling

Published April 3, 2018 12,483 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsOpen 364 days a year, Twycross Zoo is set amongst the beautiful rural countryside in the heart of England. Right on the Leicestershire / Warwickshire border, Twycross Zoo is an award-winning conservation charity and fun for all the family.

You can explore the animal world any time of the year, with indoor and outdoor enclosures, interactive experiences and fun, exciting encounter with over five hundred animals, from over hundred different species. The zoo has the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the Western World, and it is also called ‘The World Primate Center’.

The weather has been cold and windy and the gorillas from the Twycross Zoo in England prefer to spend their days inside, even though they've got the option to go outside at any time they want. Why walk when you can roll? Shufai is definitely on a roll! Watch him having some fun rolling through his enclosure. He doesn't seem to want to stop. One roll after another, covering himself in the wood shavings. He is a ground-dweller and has a peculiar way of walking. Since walking for this gorilla is overrated, and jumping and hanging on trees is just boring, he decides to show his other apparently more adventurous side of throwing himself to the ground into an oblivious spin. Shufai will leave his four-footed walk called chuckle-walking for later, when he is not recorded on camera. His average travel takes about 0.3 to 0.6 miles per day but this baby gorilla will certainly make more by tossing around the cage.

Thanks to his large muscles and arm strength for bending, this marathon-rolling gorilla is so funny to watch!


  • BenW, 1 year ago

    Very cute this baby Gorilla.

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