"Toddler Boy Runs Away Scared of Santa"

AFVViralsPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

"Did you know that fear of Santa is actually quite common among little kids? Even though for most adults and older children the man in the red suit might represent a symbol of all things magical and festive, many kids find him absolutely terrifying! How weird is that? If you have never seen toddlers almost pooping their pants when they see Santa approaching them, you absolutely have to watch this video! Some kids would give everything just to meet Santa Claus, but not the little boy from this video! This toddler boy is playing with a remote control toy in a store when all of a sudden someone walks up behind him… “Lucas, look who’s behind you!” Little Lucas turns around and to see that Santa is standing right in front of him, in the flesh! You would have thought that he would run to hug him, but he runs away from Santa as fast as he can! Oh, how funny is this little boy?"

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