Chihuahua Lovingly Covers Baby With Blanket

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Published: April 3, 2018

Dogs easily become part of our families, and we grow closer to them with each day. We all want our dogs to be an important part of our lives, so we share everything with them. When a new member of the family arrives home, they definitely welcome it.

When this baby was brought from the hospital, she was immediately greeted by their pet, this lovely Chihuahua. They had already had this pupper for some time, so this toddler was the new addition to this family. Although they were introduced immediately, no one expect the dog to become the baby's closest friend right away. Chihuahua puppy absolutely loved this baby.

He accompanied her everywhere she went, he was always by her side as faithful friend usually does. All <a href="" target="_blank">dogs</a> have special talents, and this Chihuahua's greatest was his unconditional love for his little sibling.

In this video you can see the baby laying in her mothers lap when little <a href="" target="_blank">Chihuahua</a> notices that it’s chilly outside, so he decides to cover his new sibling with her cozy blanket. As if that was not enough for a dog of his size, he is also very persistent and afraid that this little toddler might be cold so he keeps covering it.

This gentle chihuahua wants to make sure this baby is warm and cared for. Cuteness overload!

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    debdeb · 36 weeks ago

    Does he want to keep the baby warm or does he just not want to see it? Lol!!