🚨WARNING!🚨Iran and Hezbollah BEGIN ATTACK On Israel | Pentagon Shares MAJOR WORRY!

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The United States is readying themselves for Iran to attack Israel, as tensions continue to rise. In anticipation for the attack, The US Embassy stated “Out of an abundance of caution, U.S. government employees and their family members are restricted from personal travel outside the greater Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva areas until further notice.” Just a few hours ago, President Biden once again warned Iran not to attack, stating “We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel. We will help defend Israel. And Iran will not succeed.”

However, last night Iran readied 100 of their biggest attack missiles. Russia announced they will back Iran if this turns into a greater war and Hezbollah out of Lebanon fired around 50 rockets all at once to drain Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

The worry coming out of the Pentagon is Hezbollah will launch and ground attack in the North as well as a barrage of rockets to distract the iron dome while Iran fires the big missiles from Tehran to hit areas of Israel the Iron dome can’t protect.

Early this morning while Israel’s defenses were on high alert, Iranian forces stormed a container ship in the straits of Hermoz and hijacked an Israel Shipping container vessel with billions of dollars of goods. So this ship is lost, Israel is devasted and businesses are out billions of dollars collectively. I don’t have an update on the captured ship workers.

It’s sad to say but I try not to report on Ukraine getting attacked by Russia as much anymore. It’s happening so frequently that it’s very depressing to me. But today, it seems like Russia has scaled up their attack on Ukraines electrical grid so I felt it was worth updating my community on. According to reports, Russia has successfully destroyed one of Kyiv's most powerful coal and gas powerplants. While Ukraine is continuing to shoot down drones, they simply don’t have the manpower or fire power to keep up.

With that being said, Ukraine just passed legislation that will allow them to draft people at a larger scale using technology. Not only does the new law reportedly require men 18 to 60 to fight, but it also requires those living abroad to do so as well. It really seems like Zelensky is willing to go down to the last Ukrainian to win this war, but as I’ve said so many times before — he is putting lives at risk for no reason. There is no realistic situation where Ukraine regains lost territory.

However, we live in a world of lies and deception. Remember when I told you French president Emmanuel Macron threatened to send the French armed services to Ukraine. Well he didn’t, but it was just discovered France bought over $600 million Euros of oil from Vladimir Putin in order to keep their energy prices from rising. So world leaders say Putin is bad and they will destroy him, they will sanction him to death, but then when they think we can’t see the truth, they secretly buy stuff from Putin to make themselves look good. So why hasn’t America called out France for buyin oil from a Sanction country? Because they are all liars and hypocrites. We live in the Matrix my friends.

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