Frustrated Dog Stuck In Traffic Howls His Impatience Away

Published April 2, 2018 129,184 Plays $245.58 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt is no secret that dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window. They enjoy riding with maximal wind in their face, feeling a nice summer breeze gently rubbing their face. That is exactly why this dog is howling at the traffic jam because he knows what he’s missing out. Hilarious!

A funny video has emerged of a dog riding on the backseat of a car, sticking his head out the car window to feel the wind. However, being stuck in traffic, the car is not moving and the pooch is stuck in one place which is not nearly as much fun! Footage shows the bored dog, looking back and forth at the traffic jam out the window, trying to find the reason for the dreadful wind-stop!

Moments later, the frustrated pooch starts howling at the cars, expressing deep discontent for the not-moving lane! Adorable! Check out how cleverly this dog decides to act, in order to remind drivers to speed up and start moving. The dog says it all and we totally agree!

Have you ever been stuck in traffic for long? What were your reactions to that? Do you feel impatient and start acting like this dog, howling your worries at the other drivers? Let us know in the comments below!

Unlike this impatient dog who seems to cannot wait in traffic any longer, here is another pooch who has all the time in the world, obeying traffic rules by the book! Footage shows a stray dog waiting to cross the busy street while the pedestrian crossing light is still red. The clever dog decides to obey the traffic rules and waits for the traffic light to turn green in order for him to cross the street. We don’t know how this dog knew when the light went off, but he sure crosses the road better than humans do.