Woman Flies From Texas To Minneapolis For A Makeover

Published April 2, 2018 54,359 Plays $187.10 earned

Rumble You must have heard already about Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka ‘’The Makeover Guy’’. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christopher is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, media person, singer and a makeover artist. Christopher sees the beauty within and shows it outside! Some people just seem to get you immediately, and vice-versa. That's what happened in this, one of Christopher's favorite makeovers. You must see it!

Helping people express their inner spirit through heir outer image. When who you are inside express itself in how you appear, you are beautiful. This is Christopher’s motto. His makeover saloon is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

All the way from southern Texas, there comes a woman named Donna Sue. She wanted a change in her life. Her hair was lifeless and her look was tired. She reached to her old friend Christopher in hope to get a better physical appearance and confidence in herself. He accepted the challenge and here is the result.

Christopher explained: This is perhaps one the most fun makeovers I've done in a while we just had a blast. She was up for anything without fear and away we went. LOVE! We lifted the brunette out of the hair to help her grow out her gray. Dramatic eye makeup really captures her theatrical side. We'd have been great friends in high school and know we'd have been kicked out of class plenty.

The haircut was great, but this time the special birdcall is greater! Donna said it: Christopher brought her personality out in her hair. What a 180-degree change and looking absolutely fabulous! Watch this amazing video and comment your thoughts below!