Kids Win First Place With 'Beauty And The Beast' Dance Performance

Published April 2, 2018 2,554 Plays

Rumble / Caught DancingPaige Glenn and Artyon Celestine won first place overall at the Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition with their incredible Beauty and the Beast inspired performance. Great job!

Meet Paige and Artyon, the new kid sensation that is taking the Internet by storm. In this clip, they showing off amazing ballet moves as they dance to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song, putting on a wonderful performance that would make professional ballet dancers shed a tear of pride.

Footage shows Paige and Artyon dancing on stage at the Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition giving a wonderful rendition of this famous tale, dressed up like Bella and the Beast! This miniature version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has warmed our hearts and reminded us of the inspiring story this tale has to tell!

What is the most impressive is the accuracy with which these tiny performers move on stage, playing the role they have been given, acting like true professionals! Watch their adorable dance routine and you won’t be surprised why they won first place on this competition!

You can tell from the loud cheers that the crowd really appreciated their interpretation of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale. Who knows? Maybe someday they would consider having a theater career as well. With so much star power at such a young age, their future sure looks bright!

Check out this mind-blowing choreographed dance performance to ‘Beauty and the Beast' rendered by two young ballet dancers. The kids in the dance won first place at Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition and they sure deserved it. Incredible!