Cheese-Loving Pooch Indulges In Her Favorite Snack

Ebbasmatte Published April 2, 2018 511 Plays $1.12 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious footage has emerged of a hungry dog feeding on a soft cheese treat, directly from the tube. Watch as this cheese-loving pooch snacks on the tube while munching on the delicious cream cheese! The sounds she produces when she savours the moment makes you want to snack on one too!

Meet Bindie, the adorable pooch who is absolutely obsessed with soft cheese treat. Just look at the face she makes when her owner serves her with cheese directly from the tube. Cuteness overload! She is definitely putting on a unique performance by eating straight from the tube! Incredible!

This adorable pooch sure loves her treats, and what a better snack than eating soft cheese right out of the tube. She simply loves it! If you are a cream cheese lover, you sure understand why this dog cannot control her urges. She has some serious passion for soft cheese and she cannot shake off her temptation.