What Happened to Bruce Campbell?

1 month ago

Ask Bruce Campbell, and he’ll tell you he’s “sick of over-trained heroes. I'm really bored with that. Guys that are just ripped to shreds and, you know, full of skills. That's boring to me. Give me the mechanic that picks up a weapon, you know? Now I'm interested. That's my hero. That could be me.”
Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise IS that hero. Part of the lasting appeal of the best character Bruce Campbell has ever played is that the audience can see themselves in him, like if they were pressed into fighting an army of Deadites, they could take up the mantle, the chainsaw, the boomstick, and mow down wave after wave of the undead masses. In this video, we take a look at Campbell's long career, from his debut in The Evil Dead through his brushes with fame in the nineties, through his awesome return as a character actor on Burn Notice and his return in Ash vs The Evil Dead!

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