Unsuspecting Father Gets Puppy Surprise For His Birthday

MarkMacKayPublished: April 2, 2018Updated: April 3, 201842,510 plays$99.97 earned
Published: April 2, 2018Updated: April 3, 2018

This sweet animal-loving dad was surprised with a little puppy for his birthday. The unsuspecting man was opening his birthday presents, but didn’t get the message when he unwrapped his first gift only to find a collar. Check out this wonderful surprise!

Footage shows a man standing in the kitchen trying to unwrap his presents for his birthday. Moments later, he inspects in detail his first gift and doesn't understand at first when his gift is a collar, but just wait for it! The puzzled man continues to inspect the collar as if it was the strangest object on the planet, after he is being fooled by his family that it is actually a new fashion!

All of a sudden, his daughter approaches the confused man, holding a little puppy in his hands, handing him the little bundle of joy, as to put the collar on his tiny neck! Cuteness overload!

The man is obviously left for words and cannot contain his happiness. The excited father continues to open up his other gifts while staring at the pup. He sure didn’t expect to receive a living, breathing creature for his birthday!

Let’s face it, pets are hard! Especially when they are really young and tiny, they need constant companionship from a mother figure, or they will whine and cry and bark, driving you mad! But when they grow up with you, they will remember how much you took care of them and they will love and respect you to the end of their days.

If, however, you did manage to convince your family that you will be very good to the pet and take care of it, then you probably already had the surprise most people only dream of. To wake up one day and meet your new best friend, it truly is a blessing!

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