Rare Footage Of Massive Butterfly Migration

sbeukemaPublished: April 2, 2018Updated: April 5, 2018363 views
Published: April 2, 2018Updated: April 5, 2018

Bugs may be nasty, but how can someone call a butterfly “nasty”? They are these delicate, frail creatures that are ever so graceful, making the world a better place with their iridescent existence.

People have had a very deep, spiritual connection with butterflies, believing they symbolize renewal and rebirth. In Christianity, butterflies are the angels the come to Earth. Whatever you believe in, there is but one truth - when a butterfly decided that it should land on you, it is the most humbling, honorable thing that can happen to you.

While hiking to the top of a mountain in California, these people unknowingly hiked into the middle of thousands and thousands of butterflies migrating from Canada to Mexico! Butterflies were everywhere - flying into their faces, landing on the ground where their feet would soon step, flying inches away from their ears! What an amazing experience!

It is not at all uncommon. Usually, when a person smells of something flowery, a perfume or maybe has some pollen on them, if they stand perfectly still, a butterfly is sure to come over and land on them, mistaking them for a flower.

There are butterfly gardens all around the world, the most prominent one being the one in Dubai, where the conditions are created perfectly to attract hundreds of these incredible creatures of nature.

This must be one of the extraordinary experiences that only nature can provide. Take a look as it is bound to amaze you!

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