Interview with Rep. Jennifer Gross RE: Closing Ohio's Primary Elections

2 months ago

Fortify Geauga President Tiffanie Broadbent interviews Representative Jennifer Gross (R-45) about House Bill 210, which aims to close Ohio's primary elections.
00:46 Could you give us a little bit of background on how our primaries are run right now and why you think that should be changed?
4:33 Can you tell us about … House Bill 210, exactly what it proposes to do?
6:19 We also see the case of people who … change their party affiliation right before they run…How would this bill affect that process?
7:38 Discussion of House Bill 437, nearly identical to House Bill 210
9:37 Is there an argument against closing the primaries?
12:36 Why specifically 90 days (requirement int HB 210 for switching parties before a primary), not 60 or 30 or something else?
13:08 Impact of HB 210 on Independent or Non-Affiliated voters
14:56 Discussion of a runoff provision for closed primary bills
17:56 What can citizens do to support House Bill 210 and closing our primaries?
18:42 Representative Gross discusses the necessity of closing primaries, Republicans expanding government, and protecting our votes as Republicans
21:08 Other bills of note: Ohio Votes Count (HB 472), Dave and Angie Patient & Provider Protection Act (HB 73), Truth in Taxation (pending)

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