Squatters Rights, JoJo Siwa's New Look, & MORE w/ Brad Polumbo

1 month ago

Co-founder of BASED Politics Brad Polumbo joins the Underreported Stories podcast to discuss squatters rights, JoJo Siwa's new look, and more.

1. “Anti-Landlord” Activist Posts Addresses Of “Empty” Properties For Squatters - The Publica
2. Facebook “Dating Group” For 8-Year-Olds May Have Child Predators In Group - Libs of TikTok
3. New California Bill Makes Illegal Immigrants Eligible For First-Time Homebuyer Loans - FOX LA
4. Woman Who Sold Ashley Biden’s Diary Sentenced To Prison - Fox News
5. 25% Of Gen Z Says They Need Therapists To Deal With Stress Of Filing Taxes - CNBC

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