Needy Kangaroo Cannot Stop Hugging His Canine Best Friend

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe baby kangaroo is so young, yet he already knows the magical power of hugs and when his canine best friend comes to play he keeps nudging him with his head, asking for hugs! This needy kangaroo has formed a special bond with the family dog and just won’t peel himself away from it. You won't believe this incredible animal friendship! Best friends forever! So adorable!

Hugs are part of a universal language that is understood without a doubt everywhere in the world. You don’t to speak the language to give someone a warm hug! This is the heartwarming moment when a needy kangaroo shows affection to his canine best friend by demanding a giant hug. This kangaroo just loves to give and receive hugs and kisses, especially from the family dog. Footage shows the incredible bond these two animals share!

Footage shows a kangaroo and a dog standing outside on the porch, having alone time together. Moments later, the needy kangaroo starts pulling the dog close to him, demanding love and affection by locking paws around dog’s neck in an attempt to share a huge hug and snuggle with the pooch. How adorable!

Watch as these two clutch heads and engage into one, big, sweet ‘hug’! The needy kangaroo is desperately seeking affection from his best friend and isn’t afraid to show it! Apparently, this physical display of affection is common between animals who share a close emotional bond. These two are the best of friends and they hug all the time!

Most canines form inseparable bond with their humans, but this pooch formed such amazing bond with a living kangaroo. Watch this precious video and witness the special bond these two share. It is amazing how these adorable animals have formed a remarkable friendship with each other. Watch as the needy kangaroo throws himself in the arms of the dog, demanding a long, warm hug! This overly affectionate kangaroo locks his hands around dog’s neck into one adorable hug! Can you believe the love these two share?! Incredible!

Apparently, these two enjoy spending time together and love playing games, giving hugs, feeding and snuggling with each other! The dog and the roo have actually grew inseparable and enjoy playing and eating together. Watch this video and see for yourself!

Kangaroos often have a reputation for being aggressive creatures prone to fighting in mobs.
However, this kangaroo here may be the sweetest, most emotional creature we have ever seen, as she has been raised as a pet. What a special bond!