Faith & Freedom: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ricky Schroder, Kerry Slaven, & Dr. Mark Sherwood

1 month ago

Join me along with my amazing guests who are tackling challenges and offering hope – Kimberly Guilfoyle dives into the Democratic Party's strategies to harm America and President Trump's fight to protect the American Dream, while Golden Globe winner Ricky Schroder discusses his efforts to use Hollywood for good through the Reel American Heroes Foundation. "Papa Bear" Kerry Slaven shares the inspiring work of the Brave Young Hearts Foundation which offers outdoor adventures for children with life-threatening illnesses. Later, Dr. Mark Sherwood returns to explore the role of genetics in health and the importance of detoxification in combating toxic mold exposure.

[1:51] Host of “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show”, Kimberly Guilfoyle joins the show to share her perspective on the Democratic Party's tactics and how Biden's actions harm Americans; Biden's presidency a stepping stone for Harris; how President Trump is fighting against election interference and protecting the American dream; how President Trump's aggressive litigation approach is necessary to defend himself against baseless cases; alligator hunting and the importance of outdoor activities and traditional values

[12:40] Shemane welcomes Golden Globe winner and activist, Ricky Schroder to the show to discuss how he aims to use Hollywood for good; why he started the Reel American Heroes Foundation to promote diverse storytelling in film and documentaries; advocates for parental control over digital content; Ricky shares about the major influences in his life; hunting from a young age and passion for the outdoors and hunting; concerns about parents' guidelines for their children's technology use, and the potential for abuse

[25:44] Shemane welcomes “Papa Bear” Kerry Slaven, President and Co-Founder of Brave Young Hearts Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing outdoor adventures for children with life-threatening illnesses including hunting trips; how they honor God and their granddaughter through this work; helping children with critical illnesses go on adventures and make memories; how you can help

[37:04] Creator of Kingdom Kandy Dr. Mark Sherwood, returns to discuss the role of genetics in health journey; Shemane shares her experience with toxic mold illness, highlighting the human body's ability to heal; the role of genetics in health, and how genetics determine the body's ability to detoxify toxins and that certain foods can help augment the detox response; the importance of cruciferous vegetables and fruits in improving the body's antioxidant system to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation; infrared sauna, supplements, and water filtration for cancer prevention; toxic mold and its effects on health, and advice for recognizing, remediating, and recovering from mold exposure


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