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2 months ago

The Morgenthau Plan. In a time of psychopaths and genocide, ((((((Henry Morgenthau)))))) emerged to show himself as the most insane of them all. Pure evil.

In this attention-grabbing exposé, "The Insane US Genocide Plan Against German Civilians In WW2" by "Zoomer Historian," the author uncovers a shocking and disturbing plan that sought to commit genocide against Germany after the war. The Morgenthau Plan, devised by ((((((Henry Morgenthau)))))) and ((((((Harry Dexter White)))))), was once the official US policy, aiming to dismember Germany and end it as a country forever. This plan was leaked, and it played a significant role in Germany's determination to fight to the end.

The author highlights the twisted and vengeful mindset behind the plan, as it called for the mass murder of German officers and the destruction of their industrial heartland. (((Morgenthau))) and (((White))), both Jewish, were deeply connected and influential in the highest levels of American finance. The exposé questions the extent to which the United States was infiltrated by communist double agents and how this affected the post-war plans for Germany.

This chilling account of the Morgenthau Plan serves as a stark reminder of the horrors that can arise from the confluence of power, vengeance, and ideology. "The Insane US Genocide Plan Against German Civilians In WW2" is a must-view for anyone interested in the darker aspects of history and the complexities of international politics.

Release Date: 2023
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