I saved a cat from death!

Dogacat Published April 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Cat in the yard he climbed the tree. Sitting there since yesterday, was called-won't come off. Where to call?

In the relationship of the cat trees you can put the status "it's complicated". Cats like to climb higher and, logically, should be able to go down on their own. But it turns out not always. People, seeing the fright and confusion of the animal, trying to somehow help. For example, call the rescue service.

The MOE does not approve. In the MOE insist that as soon as the cat wants to eat, she will find a way down. "In 95% of cases cats, having envied rescuers, jump on the ground or move on the next tree, - the assistant to the chief of the Minsk municipal government of the Ministry of emergency situations Vitaly dembovsky speaks. - And once on the ground, instantly climb a tree again." However happens so that rescuers should leave, but already to the aid of the compassionate people who climbed a tree to remove a cat and not managed to go down independently. So the problem is obviously not that simple…

Actually, not all cats are able to get off of the height at which they were driven by fear. Especially hard to have Pets, first appeared on the street. They can sit on a tree for several days, weaken from hunger and lack of water, and then fall down or be subjected to a deadly attack crows. In any case, no good for cats it's not going to turn out. Therefore, if the stay of the animal on the tree is not like sightseeing and lasts more than a day, the cat needs to be rescued.

There are a number of ways to help:

To find specialists. In large cities, there are special services for animal rescue, but in most settlements of Belarus to find them is not easy. Paid services for the removal of furry climbers provide industrial climbers (they are easy to find on request on the Internet). In the extreme case, you can try to persuade MOE-ovtsev – if it's pathetic?
Lure the animal. The cat is really able to get down herself, but often can not do this only because it is under stress. The smell of your favorite food or Valerian will help her escape from bad thoughts and think about how to organize your descent.

Not recommend:

To climb a tree on their own (without a ladder). First, if the tree is able to withstand four kilograms of cat – not the fact that it will cope with a few dozen kilograms of you. Second, to go up easier than down (don't believe me, ask my cat). Therefore, most likely, then you have to shoot, not a cat.
Trying to scare the cat away. When a tree poses a risk, where to seek shelter cat? That's right, on another tree. If there is no other way but to shake the animal off the tree or scare him with a stream of water, try to catch the cat on the way down. It is recommended to immediately feed and water, to bring to life.
However, the best way to protect cats from the dangers of a prolonged stay on the tree has been and will prevention. Do not leave open Windows and balconies in the apartment where the "home" cat lives, or tighten them with a mosquito net, dense gauze or other devices to protect cats from falling out of the window, and your pet will not have to experience this great stress.