WITCH FARM PT 2: Will I Die? - G1's Hardcore Disaster | Hardcore Minecraft

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Welcome Everyone :D
My name is G1Games! You can call me G1. Join me (and my cat, Ash!) on this DISASTEROUS JOURNEY in my Hardcore Minecraft World, conveniently titled " G1's Hardcore Disaster! ".

What is Hardcore?
Hardcore is a mode in Minecraft: Java Edition, where if you die, the world gets deleted.

Why am I doing Hardcore?
2 Reasons. 1- I want to challenge myself by improving my building while maintaining my already good skill of not dying. 2- Rumble currently doesn't have too many options for an ongoing "Hardcore Let's Play". So, I am trying to bring the amazing genre to Rumble :D

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Why do I make content?
I make content because I love expressing myself to you amazing people, while also making people laugh and have a good time! I want to make this a career so hitting the follow button + sharing would REALLY help me!

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