Daredevils Defy Gravity, Courageously Riding Inside The ‘Wall Of Death’

Published March 31, 2018 41,447 Views $0.64 earned

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsA tense video has emerged of a couple of daredevils performing scary stunts while riding on the ‘wall of death’. Using a GoPro action camera, these professionals in India perform some tricks inside the ‘wall of death’, also known as 'maut ka kuan'. Their skills are unreal!

The ‘wall of death’ is often times referred to a fairground sideshow in which a motorcyclist uses gravitational force to ride around the inside walls of a vertical cylinder. These daredevils show off some impressive riding skills as they manage to mount and ride around the wall. Their impeccable skills are to applaud for!

Watch this tense video as a couple of daredevils decide to give the ‘wall of death’ a try as they mount with their motorbikes and give them a spin around the wooden paths. As they manage to defy gravity, they are greeted for their courageous venture!

The pursuit of adrenaline rush is what keeps some people going! However, now everyone would agree to ride on the wall of death. Moments later, as they master the art of riding on walls with a motorbike, they took adventure to a whole different level as they perch on top of it, while riding in a car! Footage shows the car spinning in circles, while riding on the wooden ‘wall of death’.

It seems like there is no gravity in this place! The talented daredevils make this difficult stunt seem like a piece of cake, but that is not the case! Please don’t try this unless you are trained to do so!