Tired Puppy Falls Asleep Sitting Up

Published March 30, 2018 6,175 Views $44.15 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSometimes we have days when we feel so tired that the only thing we think about is that nap that we are going to take when we get home! However, there are few things in life more satisfying than a good nap. Good car naps! Don’t believe us? Well, you’re about to see the most precious puppy as she falls asleep while sitting up in a car!

Get ready to start yawning and aww-ing at the very same time! It looks like Drogo the puppy just can't hang during a long road trip. Cuteness overload! Don't worry Drogo, we've all been there! Can we just all agree that the way he sits like a human in the car it’s so funny? This is the epitome of adorableness! Pups can sleep anywhere, any place, any time! And maybe any position? Like Drogo sleeping and sitting? Dogs spend a good part of their life because that's how they're genetically designed.

Dogs love car rides. Some dogs love to ride in cars and it's fun to take them along with you wherever you go. However, Drogo it’s not the fun type companion when going on road trips. He likes to sleep so when he arrives he will be fully rested to run and explore! Drogo we wish you a safe trip and sweet dreams! It looks like it’s going to be a good and a long nap for Drogo!

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