Check Out This Bulldog Puppy Thoroughly Confused By Mirror Reflection

Published March 30, 2018 55,378 Views $0.75 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSometimes, we just have bad days. Sometimes something awful happens or it’s just Monday again and you feel like everything is hopeless and everyone is horrible and just everything gets on your nerves! One of those days when nothing seems to go right from the moment you roll out of bed. Everything goes on your nerves even your reflection in the mirror! Have you ever had one of those bad days? This big guy has a really bad day and he wants to confront everyone even his reflection in the mirror!

This little pup is trying to make contact with its mirrored reflection and confront it in this funny video. Cuteness overload! It’s so funny to see him how got nervous in one second just my seeing his reflection in the mirror! Dogs can recognize other objects or animals – even other dogs – in mirrors, but not themselves. Maybe that’s why this guy is having an bad day, he thinks he has an intruder in the house who looks just like him, and his family will love him more! Well, guess what buddy? That’s not going to happen because that handsome and cool little pup on the mirror it’s you!

This happens to most of the dogs and don’t worry it’s natural to confront their reflection on the mirror! Once he understands that he is looking at his own image he will begin to selectively touch and explore those spots while looking at the mirror, since he now understands that this is a representation of himself. So cute!

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