Jeffrey Peel

1 month ago

JEFFREY PEEL is Editor of - a website he started during lockdown. The site features some 200 articles and video interviews focused on government overreach, the loss of liberty and the economic malfeasance of government. Jeff has interviewed some of the key movers and shakers in the international freedom movement and has featured regularly on TNT News recently - covering topics such as the death of money, proxy wars (and false flag events) and free speech.

Prior to 2020, Jeff was a businessman and frequent business commentator on the mainstream media. Prior to lockdown he was on secondment to the UK government in Whitehall (Department for International Trade) - as a sector specialist focusing on inward investment in the technology sector. Before that he ran his own consulting firm for close to 20 years - working for some of the leading technology clients and growth stage companies on communications and marketing strategies. So he's an insider turned outsider.

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