Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesThere is a multitude of clips in the world wide web where kind-hearted people have gone out of their way to rid a poor wildlife creature out of its misery. Whether it is a hedgehog all caked up in mud or a swan with a broken leg, humans have set their obligations aside to help a hapless creature live another day.

Sure, most of us have seen the hedgehogs in our gardens and the swans in the park, but not many of us have been fortunate enough to come across a dolphin in the wild, let alone have the opportunity to rescue it from certain demise.

A family out boating in Australia came across a dolphin that got caught up in some seaweed in a sandbar. The poor animal was whistling in distress, having been tangled up in the seaweed for who knows how long. Seeing how the animal is suffering, the man ties himself to a rope with the other end tied up to the boat and get in the chilly water next to the dolphin.

Naturally, the poor thing is scared of the human, probably never having been so close to one before. But with a few gentle strokes on the back and dorsal fin, it is like the dolphin understands the man is only here to provide aid. Since the water is only up to just above the man’s knees, we can only imagine how hard it must be for the dolphin to get out of the shoal.

The gentle human uses his left hand to push the seaweed away, as he guides the dolphin towards the deeper water. The dolphin still looks a bit confused after the first attempt and returns back to the shallow, but our hero does not give up. Instead, he guides the dolphin one more time, ultimately convincing the mammal which way is home.


  • debdeb, 1 year ago

    Where is this at? These live in salt water and as far as I know there isn't seaweed like that in the ocean. Just curious. Thank you for stepping up and helping him.

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    • Chelsea250x, 1 year ago

      Near Pount Sir Isaacs, Coffin Bay National Park, South Australia.

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  • killerbean56, 1 year ago


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