Wild Doe Introduces Her Fawn To Woman Sitting In The Forest

6 years ago

When a woman sat almost motionless in a forest full of wild deer, something magical happened. A herd of grazing deer were passing close enough to see her. They became very curious and started to wander closer. They sniffed the air, pawed the ground, circled, and watched her from a distance. Wild deer are understandably cautious, especially when the does have their fawns with them. This is a very secluded forest in northern Ontario where the deer are protected and cannot be hunted. It is a great expanse of wilderness where the deer are unlikely to see humans, aside from those who live here or have a cottage here. They have not learned to fear people and they will never suffer as a result of this amazing trust.

The people in this area feed the deer occasionally, especially during very harsh winters. It is difficult to resist those eyes and the beautiful faces, but mostly, the deer are left to fend for themselves and live naturally.

Kristy has learned that by sitting extremely still and being silent, the deer will eventually become curious and will venture close, as they do on this day. The fawns are especially curious and they come so close that she could reach out and touch them. They sniff all around her and try to look at what she might have in her hands.

Until the deer become completely relaxed, Kristy keeps her head down and stays silent. After they decide that she is no threat to them, she is able to move or look around and enjoy the magical experience that most people can only dream about.

Kristy has always had a way with animals and has found that with enough patience, and a respectful approach, most animals will realize that you mean them no harm. Curiosity overcomes fear and they will often act as if you are not there.

These deer became so unconcerned with her that they walked around her, grazed on the grass and even lay on the ground nearby.

Spending time in a beautiful forest surrounded by deer is a truly magical experience.

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