Shocking New Analysis of 2020 Election Data Exposes What Really Happened

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3 months ago

Like many Americans, Billy Parker of North Carolina felt something was wrong with the 2020 election results, but he wanted to find out if his suspicions were correct. With a background in finance and real estate appraisal, he knew that to answer his questions, he’d have to rely on quantifiable data rather than mere suspicion.
“I’m just an average citizen who has a little background in numbers and who is trying to do everything possible to stop the tyranny that I’m witnessing before my eyes – before we lose our Republic,” he writes on his website,
Visitors can view his 3-years’ worth of painstaking research, working with nationally renowned statistician, Dr. Stan S. Young, of the University of North Carolina, who has served as an expert witness in former Donald Trump attorney John Eastman’s disbarment trial.
“This website is dedicated to showing PROOF POSITIVE that our elections have become altered and manipulated in recent election cycles,” explains Parker. “We must get rid of the One-Stop and Early Voting; and you should have a really good excuse to qualify for an Absentee Ballot. We must go back to One Day (Election Day) and Precinct Voting – if we are to preserve our Republic.”
Parker met with The New American senior editor Rebecca Terrell in the spotlight to discuss his findings and what they mean to future elections.

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