Amazing Festival of Lights, Zagreb 2018

Published March 29, 2018 505 Views

Rumble Festival of lights are very popular in some European cities. Check out part of the atmosphere from second annual Festival of Light, held in the city of Zagreb, 2018.
Numerous illuminations and light art installations transformed Zagreb into a world full of light art. Our city, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, this year hosted the second Festival of Lights (from March 15th until March 18th). Festival of Lights Zagreb is the first festival of its kind in our city and attractive audio-visual installations. The theme of the festival is the spring that symbolizes the awakening, growth, and renaissance. It was a warm and pleasant evening, and the walk through the city center was delightful. Video installations are separated enough not to interfere with each other but still close enough to see them all on foot.
These kind festivals are already established in cities like Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, St. Petersburg and Berlin, making them great tourist attractions. Ever since the first Festival of lights, held in Berlin in 2005, we are amazed by these kinds of manifestations. It is a beautiful opportunity for creators to make their art by using modern technology. Artists are presenting many glowing light projections, 3D video mappings, and light installations by projecting them on city landmarks, monuments, buildings, and streets. Giving the magical transformation to the usual and commonly known places. It is still unknown just how much people visited Zagreb for this occasion but, to get some sense of the popularity of this kind of festivals, Festival of lights in Berlin has more than two million visitors each year.
Hope you guys will enjoy it, we sure did! We were very excited to see it all for the first time, and everywhere we looked there were equally amazed people. Everything was very well organized, and last but not least, the entrance was free of charge.

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