"A Woman Laughs While Ducks Eat Food at Her Feet"

Published March 29, 2018 229 Plays

Rumble "You have probably heard before of a fish pedicures, but what about ducks’ pedicures? LOL! Well, of course, there is nothing like that really, but this video may start it as a new movement! Just check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. This clip shows a scene on a beautiful sunny summer day with two families having a great time on a beach. One family is human, while the other is a duck family! LOL! And they are closer to each other that one might expect. Moreover, they are so close that they are biting woman’s toes while eating other food on the beach send near her feet! But, what actually makes this video hilarious is a woman herself as she can’t decide if this is funny or scary. She keeps yelling at her family to make those ducks go away, but at the same time, she is laughing out loud all the time!"