"Camel Sticks Its Head Through Car Window"

AFVVirals Published March 29, 2018 65 Plays

Rumble "We all know that going on a safari is not quite up there with the safest activities in the world. However, nobody expects to have a close encounter with a wild animal on a drive-through safari tour. At least that’s what the guys from this video were hoping for. These tourists got a whole lot more than they bargained for when they visited a drive-through safari park. They rolled down the windows to feed some of the camels when one particular camel got a little too close for comfort. This camel saw an opportunity and decided to stick its head through the car window! And it’s not even thinking of getting out. Come on, camel, give these folks a little personal space! The reactions of these surprised tourists are utterly priceless! They are all terrified! To be honest, the camel seems quite friendly, but try stepping into these guys’ shoes. Absolutely hilarious!"