"Parrot Dances Like a Party Animal"

Published March 29, 2018 12 Views

Rumble "We all know that parrots are famous for their ability to imitate human voices. But have you heard about a parrot’s abilities to dance? No? Yes? Either way, you absolutely have to watch this video! As the video begins, you can hear that Hall and Oates’s song “Method of Modern Love” is on, and a parrot is dancing to it like mad! This bird is moving around in circles with his head up and down right on the beat! Not only is he feeling the music, but he’s got some serious skills! Check him out! “In the moonlight, under starlight, songs old as the night are what I’ve been dreaming of… Everybody’s hard as iron, locked in the modern world dreams made of a different stuff…” The dancing parrot form this video is literally a party animal! How precious is he? I challenge you not to dance along with him when you watch this video!"