Woman In A Car Waves At Bear And He Waves Back

AFVViralsPublished: March 29, 201836 views
Published: March 29, 2018

Although we would like to believe so, there is no real boundary from where the wilderness ends and our concrete jungle begins. The ecosystems don’t work that way. The constant expansion of our ecosystem is barging in on the millions of other ecosystems governed by wild animals, and we are bound to cross paths one way or another.

We, humans, often forget that we were once part of that wilderness. We roamed the Earth picking fruits and preyed on smaller animals in order to survive. We knew when to run and when to attack, when to wait and where to mark our territory. We knew that there was only one rule in the wilderness - prey, or be preyed upon.

Things have changed a lot since then. We have established cities where we build housing out of artificial materials. We bend nature to make our civilisations work, we slash through it with asphalt, connecting our homes. We have upped the scale when it comes to production, creating more and more and even more until we don’t even know if it’s enough. We like things in positive numbers, never minding the surplus of food we gather that goes to waste or the surplus of animals we hunt and they eventually go extinct. We have become the ultimate consumer, consuming the homes and lives of the other organisms sharing this wonderful planet with us.

We often forget that animals have more in common with us than we might think. We all need food to sustain us, warmth and shelter and of course, companionship to help us grow our kind. But, we often forget about the time that ticks away simultaneously while we fulfil our basic needs. There are 1440 minutes in a day, and it can get lonesome from time to time. Wild animals, contrary to our beliefs, aren’t immune to loneliness.So, it comes as no surprise that we rejoice the instances when we see them behave just like us, showing happiness and playfulness, just like we do.

This is what the licensor had to say about the incident: "Bears are such magnificent and amazing creatures, and it would be an incredible experience to be able to get close to one of them! They somehow seem both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. But, they can also be surprisingly social and funny. Just check out this video and see it for yourself! This clip shows a woman in a car, getting ready to leave this park that has bears in it and she waves at one sitting right next to the fence and says “Later buddy!” and the bear looks at her and waves back! WOW! Isn’t that just amazing? This big brown furry fellow is just sitting there, chewing on something and nobody would ever expect from him to react to this farewell, but he did! He actually waved back. I can’t help but wonder how fantastic it would be if one gets the change to give him a goodbye hug. That would be a thrill!"

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