"Boy Gets Dog's Medical Cone Stuck Around His Neck"

AFVViralsPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

"Mischievous kids get themselves stuck in the weirdest situations ever! And this video exemplifies a kid getting stuck quite literally! As the video begins you can see a little boy with a dog’s medical cone around his neck. Oh-oh, he’s in trouble! The cone is stuck around his neck and he’s crying because he can’t breathe! Oh no, you poor thing! He has probably put that cone around his neck himself because dad’s warning him not to do it again. And I’m sure that he won’t do it ever again! Mom, help him, please! He just can’t take the cone off! But don’t you worry! Mom comes to the rescue! She helps him out, and that dog’s cone is finally off this little boy’s head! Yay! You can stop crying now little one! It doesn’t matter that the cone is off, he is still upset, so he goes to hug his mom. Aww, how adorable! Don’t worry, little one, you’ll be safe in mom’s arms!"

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