"Baby Birds Are Woken Up and Tweet For Food"

AFVViralsPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

"Most of the people that I know have seen little baby birds only in cartoons, and we all love the way they are presented in there, especially in the old school, vintage animations. These cute baby birds often have tiny bold heads and big hungry mouths that are always open and ready to get some delicious food! And, if you check out this video, you will know that it’s all true! LOL! The cartoons are real, at least when it comes to tiny little baby birds! Just look at these three little ones that are just woken up in their nest and tweet as they open their mouths for food! Their baby beaks are up, and all open and sound like “We want some breakfast! And we want it now!” I bet they can hardly wait for their mom to come back and put some food in their hungry mouths, or they will never stop tweeting."

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