Tired Baby Falls Asleep While Strapped In Baby Jumper

Published March 29, 2018 2,739 Views $8.69 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever been so tired that you just couldn’t help but close your eyes? You know that sensation when your eyelids are heavy and your body is exhausted, you try to fight it but it is stronger than you. This baby is so tired that he doesn’t mind the bright light and the noisy surrounding, he shuts off almost immediately!

Little Hunter literally cannot stay awake after dinner time and drops his head while on the feeding chair, and falls asleep sitting up. Hunter clearly has had a very long and tiresome day. Watch as he slowly falls asleep while eating, it is tooo cute!

Hunter tries to fight it, but he just cannot help it when sleep finally overtakes him, so he drops dead asleep. His head falls down and his extremities feel the sensation of sleep start and his body starts jerking.

When the sleep mode is on, you feel like you're sinking and your entire body jerks to wake you up in a panic. Hypnic jerks are a natural part of the sleep process, so many doctors believe it's just the body "twitching" as it slowly shuts down for rest.

The body goes through the first stage of sleep stage too quickly, because it's so exhausted . During the first stage of sleep , which usually only lasts a few minutes, your breathing and heart rate slows down and your sleep is still very light. If the body speeds through this stage and "shuts down" too fast, it might trigger the brain to think your vitals are actually failing and in response, it jerks the body awake.

Hunter was dancing and jumping to the Bee Gee's 'Staying Alive' when he could no longer stay awake. Monday got him feeling like...

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