Friendly Stingray Enjoys Being Fed By Humans

Published March 29, 2018 1,643 Views $3.53 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsIf you’re unsure about your stance on stingrays, we won’t blame you. They are often portrayed as deadly, cold-blooded creatures that wield their venomous tails like a murder weapon. They are also oddly adorable. While a run-in with a stingray has the potential to be deadly, they normally act kind and gentle around humans. It’s only when a stingray feels threatened that you have a reason to worry. Just like the people in this video, you can feel free to feed stingrays if you happen to be near them.

We can see that feeding makes the stingray perky and it comes out of the water in a lively way. This video proves that it is fun-loving and not aggressive at all. This stingray is curious and playful animal when there are people around, and if it feels threatened its first instinct is to swim away.

Though it spends the majority of its time inactive, partially buried in sand, often moving only with the sway of the tide, it is very active in this footage. Food serves as a great motivator to shake it. Its coloration commonly reflects the seafloor shading, camouflaging it from predatory sharks and larger rays. Its flattened body is composed of pectoral fins joined to their head and trunk with an infamous tail trailing behind. Whenever this stingray comes out of water, it swims through it by undulating its body in a wave-like motion.

In ancient Greece, venom was actually extracted from stingray spines for the purpose of being used as an anesthetic by dentists.