Ep #192: Who really enabled our politicians to take away our inalienable rights?

1 month ago

In this episode, we're diving deep into the most pressing issues of the week and exploring how you can navigate them to empower yourself.

Let's start with the fundamental question: Who enabled our politicians to trample on our inalienable rights, our human rights, as guaranteed in international treaties? Professor James Allen, Garrick Professor of Law at Queensland University, sheds light on this crucial matter in his insightful piece.

Professor Allen identifies five groups, ranging from lawyers to doctors to journalists, who played a role in enabling the erosion of our rights. We delve into his analysis and discuss the importance of speaking up against such infringements.

Moving on to Scotland's new hate speech laws, we confront the chilling effect these laws can have on free speech. With examples like JK Rowling's defiance, we urge you to consider the value of freedom in your own life and the importance of speaking truth to power.

Health takes centre stage as we discuss the alarming rise in autism rates and its potential link to medical practices on babies. We challenge prevailing narratives and encourage critical thinking about health-related issues.

Lastly, we announce our guest on TNT Radio's Mind Medicine program, Dr Liliya Burrett, who exemplifies the courage to stand up for principles. Tune in to TNT Radio to learn more about navigating these critical issues and empowering yourself in today's complex world.

Stay tuned for valuable insights and actionable steps to enhance your understanding and powers in today's ever-changing landscape.

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