Greedy Squirrel Adorably Overstuffs His Face With Peanuts

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen Kristy set up the back yard bird feeder, she was really trying to feed the crows and other birds. She started this after she raised a family of crows and released them into the wild. She was attached to the birds and wanted to make sure that they got a daily dose of protein and didn't struggle through the winter.

But all bird feeders attract squirrels and although they are furry little gluttons who take more than their share of snacks, you can't deny that they are cute as buttons. Kristy's squirrels rule the roost and will often sit right in the middle of the feeder while the crows look on impatiently. They are saucy little creatures and they are usually in no hurry move aside and share.

This little squirrel seems to be concerned with the fact there are other crows circling overhead. He is also a little uncertain because one of the crows is perched on the branch beside him, silently urging him to move aside. The crows know that the squirrel will be gone long enough to stash the peanuts in his nest before returning for another round.

Knowing that he is in a competition with the crows, our furry little friend has decided that he better make off with as many peanuts as he can on each trip. What he doesn't realize is that his cheeks will only hold two or three of the treats. Try as he might, he can't get the fourth and fifth in his mouth. It doesn't stop him from trying repeatedly and you have to admire his determination.

The squirrel's little hands move frantically to replace each peanut as it falls and he stuffs another and another in before realizing that he will never get the whole pile in his mouth. He runs off and returns, only to try the whole thing again. He is an adorable little glutton and you can't help but cheer him on in his attempt.

This is almost like something we see at the supermarket when we try to save the five cents for the plastic bag, determined that we can carry more than we really can.


  • JeremyandLuigi, 2 years ago

    This is what happens when you don't have pockets to put your peanuts! ;) Thank you for sharing, Dave! It's always interesting to see what is going on up there on that bird/squirrel-feeder :)

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  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    Reminds me of those people who enter pie or hot dog eating contests!

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  • brenmichelle, 2 years ago

    Haha so cute

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  • Kidsmagic, 2 years ago

    Hey, that's me at the Easter Egg hunt. (lol) Lovely.

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