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Dogs & Puppies
Stem Cells
Dr. Mike helps keep your pets happy and healthy. Dr. Mike will tell you about the latest treatments in pet health. We also take your questions about your pets.
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PET SHOW TOPICS Timestamp for 04-06-2024
0:00 Introduction
0:03 LEMONGRASS Natural flea & tick discussion
0:08 FDA approval vs modern technology discussion
0:15 Unknown HOWLING behavior discussion
0:17 CAT STOMACH distress; not hairball related; tests
0:21 CAT poultry based FOOD help & bowel disease
0:23 PAW LICKING; allergies; 10% white vinegar solution
0:25 EAR WAX vinegar maintenance solution for dogs
0:32 Dachshund ANAL GLAND expression help
0:40 Dog HEART MURMUR information; proBNP test
0:43 VESTIBULAR syndrome in dogs (vertigo)
0:50 Nexgard vs Topical flea/tick switching monthly
0:52 COLOSTRUM LD recommendation Sovereign Labs
0:58 Solar Eclipse information for pets
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