Chickens Chase Dog Around Yard

AFV Published March 28, 2018 724 Plays

Rumble When you hear the phrase “animal enforcer,” what type of critter comes to mind? Whatever it was, I highly doubt chickens entered into that mental conversation. Don’t get me wrong, chickens certainly are capable of being assertive. It’s just that generally they’re not known for territorialism, or asserting authority over other animals. Maybe it’s a reputation they deserve going forward.

A puppy tries to retrieve a ball. A flock of chickens has other ideas.

This fluffy little doggie is faced with a classic dilemma: his ball has rolled into unfriendly territory, right next to the chicken coop, to be precise. He decides on a classic plan of attack, the triple-get: get in there, get the ball, and get out. If only it were that simple.