Boy Tricks Sister And Knocks Her Down With Inflatable Boxing Gloves

AFVPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

Boxing, the pugilist sport, has been around quite a while. So, it is no surprise that someone, at some point, would invent a “safer” version of it with inflatable toys. There is an inflatable version of everything.

This little girl and her brother are pretending to box each other with inflatable gloves…

The kids in this video appear to be playing with Sock’Em Boppers. We looked into these toys and did not know that they have actually been in existence since the 1970s! The original versions were called Socker Boppers and looked more balloon like than the more modern versions. The name Socker Boppers actually lasted well into the 1990s. We even found a TV ad for the 1990s version. At some point, they were called Sock’Em Boppers. We did read that there was lawsuit between Big Time Toys and Mattel over the name Sock’Em Boppers. We couldn’t figure out when the name was switched though since they used to be known as Socker Boppers and are currently known as Socker Boppers.

The brother goes down and neither the sister nor I expected THIS! What a trick!

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