Watch The Venomous Scorpion Fish Hunt And Catch Its Prey

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Published: March 28, 2018

Also known as the California scorpionfish, the Pacific sculpin inhabits the coastal waters between Santa Cruz, California and the upper two-thirds of the Baja peninsula. They can usually be found over hard, gravelly bottoms from just below the surface of the water surface, at depths of more than 600 feet and sometimes over muck or sand.

If you have had the chance to spend some time around tide pools during low tide on the Pacific coast, you have probably seen this prehistoric-looking fish. They dash swiftly among the limpets, barnacles and sea anemones, and then almost vanish as they sit motionlessly because of their natural camouflage blends with the speckled rocks everywhere around them.

The scorpionfish did not get its name by chance, on the contrary, having in mind that they are one of the most venomous species on the Pacific coast, the name suits them pretty well. Their fins are connected to venomous glands and their sting could cause an extremely painful wound in people and larger animals and certain death in their prey.

In the video, you can see the scorpionfish in action, as it is swiftly catching its prey.

The author of this video’s original intent was to record the scorpionfish because of its beautiful coloration, skin texture and camouflage spots. A fished chanced by, but very close to the scorpionfish. This fish just had no chance of escaping. The scorpionfish is a very fast hunter!

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