"Sleeping Bulldog Snores"

AFVViralsPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

"Did you know that Bulldogs are one of the biggest snores among all dogs? In fact, that’s one of their breed characteristics. Actually, they can sometimes snore so loudly that they keep the whole house awake! How funny is that? If you have never heard a Bulldog snoring, you absolutely have to watch this video! Prepare to have you heart melted! As the video begins, you can see a cute white Bulldog sleeping like an angel. Well, actually, not quite like an angel because he is snoring really loudly. And not only does he snore each time he inhales, he also makes the funniest noises when he exhales. How crazy is that? He’s not as beautiful as Sleeping Beauty, but he sure is absolutely adorable! Sleep tight, you cute thing! I wonder what is he dreaming about… He is so adorable, I could watch him sleep all day long, couldn’t you?"

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