CTM | UN Demeans Moms as "Unpaid Care Workers" in War on Family - Kimberly Ells

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3 months ago

The United Nations is stepping up its war against family and especially motherhood by vowing to eliminate "unpaid care work" (mothering) and force moms into the workforce while children will be cared for by taxpayer-funded government workers, explained Family Watch International Policy Advisor and pro-family author Kimberly Ells. Having recently returned from the UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting in New York, Ells said the main takeaway from the summit was that the state should usurp the traditional role of mothers as women are "liberated" by going to work outside the home. That is the "universal daycare" agenda being pushed by Joe Biden. Ells, who wrote the book The Invincible Family, warned that the UN agenda would be beyond destructive. However, she is confident that the family will survive the assault.

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