Two Silly Dogs Believe They Are Fenced In

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Published: March 28, 2018

Even dogs, very much like their human friends, have their not so bright moments when their minds play tricks on them. This video is just a snippet of them. The fluffy barking munchkins in this video hilariously demonstrate that moment. The two tiny dogs, hailing from Thailand, simply fail to realize that the steel bars in front of them have a wide opening that allows them to walk around the enclosure any time they wish to do so.

Instead, they stand stupefied in front of the fence and bark at their human seeking for help, requesting to be set free immediately! What is even funnier, the lighter colored pooch at one moment climbs up the fence to peep over the top. The two fluffy heads really believe they are fenced in the house just because of that fence, although they are not. Dogs are so adorable, so cute and loyal that you cannot even be angry at them.

If only they stopped, took a good look at their situation and used even the tiniest bit of critical pooch thinking, they would be free in no time. No police dog material, that is for sure! Unfortunately, they are under the false impression of being trapped.

Looking at them, even though they are so amazingly cute and funny, their whole plight makes us seriously deliberate on all the situations we couldn’t grasp the whole situation we have found ourselves into and taken the easy way out. And we feel like there might just be a lesson here for all of us.

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