"Brown and White Bulldog Snores Very Loudly While Sleeping"

AFVViralsPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

"If you ever thought that your dad or your grandpa is a big snorer, check out this video and you might change your mind as it shows the most adorable brown and white Bulldog that snores louder than anyone I know! LOL! This beautiful pup is sleeping on a purple couch, totally unaware what is going on around him and snores like a foghorn! Just look at him! He must have had a hell of a day when he got this tired, and I can’t help but wonder what did he do? He doesn’t really look like a type of dog who would spend the whole day outside playing fetch! Oh, wait! Maybe he has discovered a treadmill in the house and started to work out! But he didn’t know when to stop and got himself totally exhausted. I know that sounds crazy, but how else to explain that kind of snoring!"

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